What Causes Val 7 Error and the Best Solutions

Valorant is a shooter game by Right Games that has a big community of loyal players. This free-to-play game merges the elements of trendy video games like Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, recently, the Val 7 error or Valorant error code 7 has been a cause of much concern among the players.

Encountering this error is quite annoying because you cannot engage in the game at all. Valorant itself is prone to various glitches and error codes that commonly occur from time to time.

Since error code 7 has become very frequent, it would be good to learn how to troubleshoot it. This article will explain all the fixes in detail.

What Is the Valorant Error Code 7

When error 7 in Valorant arises, you will see the message: We are aware of issues with social panels and logins for some players. Accompanying this is a message that informs the player that the Valorant team is working on a fix and that the player needs to restart the game client.

You will face this error when trying to log on and play the game. Usually, it is the inability to link to the Valorant services that causes the error. This means that servers go down when error code 7 occurs.

Find out what causes it and its solutions in the next sections.

Causesof the Val 7 Error in Valorant

Here are some major reasons for the error code 7 in Valorant.

  • Your Valorant account has been suspended.
  • Outdated drivers can be another cause.
  • Multiple background apps running can also impact Valorant’s functioning.
  • The Riot servers are down.
  • Your internet connection is not working properly.

Solutions for the Val 7 Error Code

Use these resolutions to get rid of error 7 in Valorant and resume your game-playing journey.

1.   Start the game again.

Restarting the game can fix many error codes, including error 7. So restart Valorant if you are unable to play it properly. It will resolve temporary glitches because of malfunctioning software.

Restarting will also fix communication problems between your PC and the game software. To relaunch the game, exit it first. After that, hit the Alt + F4 keys to remove Valorant from the task manager.

Alternatively, you can hit the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys for this purpose. Now, sign back into Valorant via your password and username.

2.   Check the service status of the Valorant.

You will particularly find the Valorant error code 7 if the servers are not working properly. If there’s server maintenance going on, you may be unable to play again.

To check the status, follow these steps:

  • Access the server status website for Riot Games.
  • Here, choose Valorant, followed by the place where you are accessing the game from.
  • See whether there are any problems with the servers in your area.
  • You can see a graphics chart displaying the extent of server issues if there are any.

3.   Do a clean boot

Doing a clean boot of Valorant comes in handy when different errors or glitches arise. Here is how you perform a clean boot to fix error 7.

  • Prompt the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows and R keys.
  • On the box beside ‘Open’ right ‘msconfig.’
  • Now, click ‘You can also hit the Enter key.
  • The Services window will open.
  • You can now choose the services you aren’t using currently.
  • After selecting them, hit ‘OK.’
  • This simple, clean boot will eliminate the apps in the background.
  • If these running aps were causing error code 7 in Valorant, your game would start again properly after a clean boot.

4.   Reinstall Vanguard

The updates of Riot Vanguard can create many interruptions. It has been found that the Riot Vanguard update disturbs the connection to servers. So, a good fix is to reinstall Valorant from Riot Games.

  • Hit Ctrl + S.
  • Now, click ‘Add or Remove Programs.’
  • Press Enter.
  • Now, press ‘Riot Vanguard.’
  • Tap the three dots beside its name.
  • Then click ‘Uninstall.’
  • When Riot Vanguard uninstalls, look for Valorant in the window of ‘Add or Remove Programs.’
  • Uninstall this game like you uninstalled Riot Vanguard.
  • That’s it. Now you can install this game back into your PC.
  • Launch it and check if you can play without any issues.

5.   Check for Windows updates

If you haven’t updated the operating system of your Windows PC, you will find the Val 7 error code. An outdated PC operating system interrupts the working of various applications. Here’s how to update your PC.

  • Access your system’s Settings app. Do it by pressing the Windows and I keys.
  • Now, choose the ‘Windows update’ option.
  • Tap ‘Check for updates.’
  • If there are updates that are pending, install them.
  • After that, start your PC again.

6.   Start your router again.

You should have a good internet connection to play Valorant uninterruptedly. So, if there are connection issues, restarting the router can help.

Restarting the router can also help if there are other things, like a VPN, that is affecting the internet connectivity. If you find error code 7 occurring only when you link to a specific network, try connecting from another.

You can use your mobile device to see if the situation persists. If not, then the problem lies with the network connectivity of the specific device that you cannot connect from.

7.   Find out if Riot Games has suspended your account

Sometimes, Riot Games bans specific accounts of players. This happens when people repeatedly go AFK, queue dodging, or showcase bad in-game behavior.

When you queue dodge in a match, you lose up to 12 RR points. This comes in the category of penalties and bans, according to Riot Games. So, you may need to check your email to find out if Riot has sent you a message about banning your account.

Some Common Error Codes in Valorant

Error code 7 is one among many frequently occurring errors in Valorant. Here’s a list of various other error codes you may encounter.

  • Valorant code Val 19
  • Valorant error code Val 51
  • Mouse stuttering error in Valorant
  • VAN 1067
  • Valorant FPS drop in systems running on Windows 11
  • VAN-102 connection error
  • VAN9002
  • VAN9003 secure boot isn’t enabled.
  • VAN 0
  • VAL 5
  • VAL 43
  • VAN 152/VAL 61

Summing up

Now that you’re at the end of this article, you may feel confident about fixing error code 7 in Valorant. The measures will troubleshoot the connection that is preventing you from launching and engaging in the game. If they don’t work, you can still give in a ticket to the support team of the game. This usually resolves various game errors, including the error code 7 in Valorant.

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