Quick Solutions for the Denial Reason Code 20 in Fortnite

Fortnite is a great game that you can enjoy with friends. But the exciting game-playing experience comes to a halt when you cannot join a party. Denial reason code 20 fortnite error code is one such problem linked to party lobby issues. The error impacts Xbox players, but recently, PC users are also complaining of it.

This error also shows up when players want to squad up and have disputing Party Mode settings. If you have arranged your settings to private, the other players will see this error code. That being said, error code 20 in Fortnite can be resolved with some good solutions. Read them in this article and prevent this error code from disrupting your game.

What Is Denial Reasons Code 20 in Fortnite?

The Denial Reason code 20 occurs when you commence a match in Fortnite. The bug makes it difficult to join other squads. This error indicates that you lack the right permissions to view the content that you need to load.

An issue with your account on the game or the way you are accessing the content prompts this error. When it occurs, you will read ‘Unable to Join Party’ on the screen.

Learning about its causes in detail will help you troubleshoot it effectively.

Main Causes for Denial Reason 20 in Fortnite

The major reasons for this particular error are as follows:

  • The party or squad you want to join is configured as ‘Private.’
  • The party leader on Epic is not your friend.
  • Your device has encountered network issues.
  • Cross-platform play is not enabled.
  • A temporary game file is causing the problem.
  • A glitch with your Xbox gaming device.
  • You have not added all your teammates to your Epic Games account.
  • The VPN is creating issues with the Fortnite game.
  • The game has not yet loaded fully.

How to Fix Denial Reason Code 20 in Fortnite

Here are the main solutions to quickly eliminate this error code 20 in Fortnite.

1. Start Fortnite and your device again.

It is one of the most basic fixes to resolve Denial Reason code 20. Sometimes, Fortnite interferes with the game and program files when the player tries to join a party. So, the best fix is restarting it and your computer.

  • Restart Fortnite by accessing the Task Manager and hitting Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  • Choose the ‘Processes’ tab and find Fortnite and Epic Games-related processes.
  • Then hit ‘End Task.’
  • Now, open the game again through the launcher and join a party.

2. Examine the party settings.

You must ensure that the party settings are configured to ‘Public.’ If privacy settings are on, you are likely to encounter the Denial Code 20. Use these steps if you are the party owner to change the settings to Public. If you are not the party owner, ask the party owner to use these steps.

  • Go to the primary Fortnite game menu.
  • Access the side menu by hitting the ‘Options’ menu.
  • Tap your avatar icon to access ‘Advanced Party Settings.’
  • In the new menu, set ‘Privacy Party’ to ‘Public’ and save the changes.
  • Now join the game again and check whether you see this error code.
  • You must also add all your squad mates to your Epics Game account to play together.

3. Turn on cross-platform play

Have you turned on the cross-platform play option in Fortnite? If not, toggle on this setting. After doing so, restart your Xbox or gaming device and open Fortnite again. Check if you can join a party and play the game.

4. Check your internet and restart the game

Slow internet connectivity gives a bad Fortnite playing experience. It’s possible that the Denial Reason code 20 in Fortnite is because of unstable connectivity.

Reboot the router or minimize the distance between the device and the router. After checking the internet, reopen Fortnite. To restart it, launch Task Manager. You may first end the processes related to the game and then reopen it.

5. Ensure that the party owner is on your friend list

If you still find yourself dealing with the error code 20 on Fortnite, ensure to befriend the party owner if you haven’t yet. In case the party owner has set up the settings as private, doing this is necessary.

Before that, ensure that your Epic Games account is active and validated. You must also have the launcher of Epic Games in your PC. These are the points to befriend the party owner:

  • Firstly, download the game launcher on your system.
  • To begin the download, sign in with your account on Epic Games.
  • Now, open the launcher.
  • Check whether you’re logged in with your account.
  • From the menu of the launcher, hit the ‘Friends’ icon. It is at the top-right.
  • Now, find the one who is the party owner via their Fortnite ID.
  • Add them to your friend list on the launcher.
  • After successfully adding them, start your system again.
  • Launch Fortnite.

6. Turn off the proxy server and VPN.

A proxy or VPN client can also interrupt the connection with the game server.

  • Disable proxy server
  1. Begin by opening the Run box.
  2. Access the ‘Proxy’ tab by typing ms-settings:network-proxy in the Run box.
  3. Hit Enter
  4. You will now find the ‘Settings’ menu.
  5. Below the ‘Proxy’ tab, tap ‘Manual proxy setup.’
  6. Remove the check from the box beside ‘Use a proxy server.’
  7. Turn off the proxy server and start your system again.
  8. Open Fortnite and see if you can play.
  • Turn off VPN
  1. Access the Run box and input ms-settings:network-vpn into it.
  2. Hit Enter to go to ‘Settings.’
  3. Tap the VPN connection you are currently using.
  4. In the new menu, choose ‘Remove.’
  5. This will prevent VPNs from disturbing connections to external server.
  6. Launch Fortnite and try joining the part that was triggering the error code 20.

Still Cannot Troubleshoot Denial Reason Code 20 in Fortnite? Do This!

If most of the measures you used fail to work, contact customer support. You can re-submit your claim with the right diagnosis code.

  • On your Fortnite account, head to ‘My account.’
  • Tap the ‘Claims’ button.
  • Hit ‘Resubmit a claim
  • On its page, input the claim data.
  • Now input a description of your issue in its field.
  • Attach the necessary videos and files that show the issue.
  • Finally, tap ‘Submit.’

Summing up

You can try various fixes to get past game errors, like Denial Reason code 20. If you cannot follow these measures or the errors keep persisting, connect with the customer support team. They will help you fix Fortnite Launcher errors so you can enjoy the game.

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