Fix the Destiny 2 Error Code Weasel and Play Uninterruptedly

Destiny 2, a popular live service game, is vulnerable to many error codes. One of the common ones you’ll encounter is the error code, Weasel. Also known as the Destiny 2 error code Weasel, it prevents users from connecting to the server and playing.

As a result, your plans for a thrilling gaming experience go to waste. That being said, it is possible to fix the problem. Although the exact cause of the issue is still unclear, you can use the troubleshooting knowledge in this article to resolve it.

Continue reading to diagnose this problem and fix it.

What Is Destiny 2 Error Code Weasel?

The error code weasel indicates a general networking problem. The most probable reason for it is a bad connection. However, there can be other significant causes, too.

These include log-ins on various platforms with the cross-save feature turned on. In addition, users whose accounts are banned while playing will also face this error. Besides that, a restricted Destiny account will also encounter this error.

When you know why this error has occurred, you can fix it better. You can either try to play on one platform at a time or use other fixes.

Another time this error happens is when the servers get too much traffic. This scenario occurs when the game removes users from the queue on the first day of their expansion.

In the next sections, you will find different fixes for this error code.

Ways to Troubleshoot Destiny 2 Error Code Weasel

Now that you know the possible reasons, continue reading to implement the best fixes for it. Use these measures to resume your Destiny gaming experience.

1.   Log out from multiple devices.

The first step is quite self-explanatory. If you are logged into the game on multiple devices, you will encounter issues.

Cross-platform synchronization of games is available between Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS devices. It only requires the same game version, and the devices should meet system requirements.

It can, however, result in the Weasel error code. So, log out of all devices. After that, log in on just one device.

You will be able to play the game.

2.   Power cycle your system

The next step is to restart your console. This will help you fix the Destiny 2 error code Weasel Xbox.

Performing a power cycle is simple. Hold the ‘Power’ button for around five to ten seconds. Then, hold the button till the system resets. It will clear the console’s cache, which will give it a fresh start.

3.   Access a Nat Type connection.

Nat Type establishes a server connection for every game in your console. It is a part of the connection in many multi-player games. There are primarily three Nat Types. These include the following.

  • Open Nat Type:1
  • Moderate Nat Type: 2
  • Strict Nat Type: 3

For troubleshooting this error code, you need Nat Type 1 or 2. However, we highly suggest examining your router before performing this troubleshooting by yourself. Your router may not have the same interface.

If this is the case, you will have problems following the instructions below. Connect with your internet service provider to perform the process as per your router.

  • Find your login credentials. They are present behind your router.
  • Now use your main IP address to log into your router.
  • After that, find the ‘Port Forward’ option. This is present below the ‘Ipv4 settings.’
  • Continue by filling the TCP & UDP boxes.
  • Fill them with the port numbers of your computer and Destiny 2.
  • You need to have the Mac address of your console and the IP address of your system running Destiny 2.
  • If you are confused about the port number of the console, go to its official website to find it.
  • Finally, save the new settings and restart the router.

4.   Force quit Destiny 2

If your find Destiny 2 error code Baboon is stopping you from enjoying the game on your PlayStation, force quit it.

  • PlayStation 3 users should hold down the PS button. Then choose the ‘Quit game’ option. Choose ‘Yes.’
  • In order to fix Destiny 2 error code Weasel PS 5, users should hold down the PS button and choose ‘Close application.’ After that, choose ‘Yes.’
  • PlayStation 4 users should follow the same method.

5.   Find out if Your Account Has Been Banned

This is not technically a solution but should be considered. If no resolution is working, your account may have been banned.

Users who find themselves suddenly kicked from the game are banned or restricted. Those who get an account ban cannot play the banned Destiny activities on their account.

Players who find a device ban cannot play Destiny activities on their hardware. Besides, players who bought a used console or PC that was previously banned cannot connect to Destiny through that device.

6.   Improve the Wi-Fi connection.

Using Wi-Fi has been found to increase the chances of losing connection to Destiny’s services. According to the official Bungie website, several sources interfere with Wi-Fi connections.

They bring additional latency to the network connection of the player. Here are some ways to improve the stability of your Wi-Fi connection and fix Destiny 2 error code Weasel.

  • Keep the console nearer to the Wi-Fi source.
  • Disable all the devices linked to the Wi-Fi network when playing Destiny.
  • Do not keep large appliances between the console and the Wi-Fi source.
  • Disable your router’s ‘Channel Bonding Feature’ to minimize interference.

7.   Fix the error by un-linking the Destiny Companion app.

Destiny 1 and 2 can get more information about the game using the companion app on their smartphones. But this app has been found to be causing the error code, Weasel.

Follow this process to unlink it.

  • Log into
  • Go to the ‘Settings’ menu.
  • Tap ‘Accounts & Links.’
  • Select the platform you are playing on and hit the ‘Unlink’ option.
  • Uninstall the Companion app from the phone, also.

8.   Fix corrupt game files.

Corrupt or deleted game files prevent the proper functioning of the game. In Destiny, you can check the file integrity via the Steam launcher.

Follow this process to verify game files through it.

  • Find Destiny 2 in your library.
  • Right-click it and hit ‘Properties’ in the menu.
  • Now, go to the ‘Local Files’ tab.
  • Find the ‘Verify Integrity of Game Files’ prompt.
  • Choose it, so it runs a check.
  • After the game file checking completes, Steam will alert you of the missing files.
  • It will also download them.
  • After that, find out if the Weasel error has been resolved.

The Bottom Line

Error codes like Destiny 2 error code Weasel disturb the gaming experience of people. However, you can fix game errors with the effective solutions in this article. Use them to find out the cause and eliminate it.


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