Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch 2018 Steam? Use These Fixes

The Dragon Age is a great role-playing game that entertains users of many age groups. The game is present on Steam, but while playing it, users encounter various issues. Many find dragon age inquisition won’t launch 2018.

The game keeps crashing when the user tries to play it. The problem is also common on Windows 10 systems. In this post, we will help you uncover its causes and find the best resolutions.

When you implement these solutions, you can play the game uninterruptedly.

Reasons for Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch 2018 Steam Problem

This game has an issue with memory leakage and so keeps crashing. It bypasses the set memory usage limit.

The launcher file for the game is the Large Address Aware. This bypasses the memory limit, which is 3 to 4 GB.

Some other causes for the game crashing include

  • A compatibility issue with your Windows 10 system and installed game Mod.
  • A hard drive without 20 GB HD space is also a cause.
  • Non-updated graphics driver.

Ways to Fix the Dragon Age Origins Keeps Crashing Issue

Now that you know the causes, use any of these fixes you think are suitable for the issue.

Know the system requirements to run the Dragon Age game.

You must be familiar with the system requirements to run this game. If your system doesn’t fulfill any of these requirements, you will have issues running the game.

  • You need DirectX November 2007.
  • You must have Nvidia GEForce 6600 GT 128 MB or higher than that graphics. An alternative is ATI Radeon X850 256 MB.
  • A hard drive space of 20 GB HD is needed.
  • You require memory of 1 GB.
  • Intel Core 2 Single 1.6 Ghz processor is required.

Update your Windows system.

If the game isn’t compatible with your Windows system, you’ll find that Dragon Age Origins PC keeps crashing. So, check for the Windows updates through these steps.

  • Hit the Windows logo and the I keys on your keyboard to launch the settings app.
  • Here, tap ‘Update & Security.’
  • Tap ‘Check for updates.’
  • Windows will install the available updates if it has any.
  • This process can take up half an hour’s time.
  • When your system updates, restart it and see if the game is crashing again.

Don’t use the Dragon Age Origin game mode

Mods make modifications in the game file. These changes are often incompatible with the Dragon Age Origin game file. As a result, the game crashes or doesn’t launch Steam.

So, disable the game Mod. After disabling the game mod, run it to see if you can play without any issues.

Give more memory resources to the game

If you’ve tried the different measures above, but still find Dragon Age Origins keeps crashing, give it more memory resources.

This game employs heavy graphics. So, they need adequate memory resources. On your 64-bit Windows version, follow these points.

  • On the ‘Start’ menu, input ‘cmd.’
  • Open the command line prompt and use the following command: ‘bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVa 3072.’
  • Hit Enter.
  • Now, run the Dragon Age Origins game.
  • You won’t face any issues while playing.

Set affinity to one CPU.

You can give your game greater memory access by configuring affinity to 1 CPU via the Task Manager. Use this technique with these steps.

  • Hit the Alt + Ctrl + Del keys on your keyboard while the game is playing.
  • Now, select ‘Task Manager’ from the blue screen.
  • Find ‘ Exe.’ It is present below the ‘Process’ tab.
  • After finding it, right-tap DAOrigins.exe and select ‘Details.’
  • Now right-tap the file again and choose ‘Affinity.’
  • You will see a list of several CPUs available.
  • Check any one of them and remove the tick from all others.
  • Save the applied changes.
  • Now run the game.

Modify the in-game video settings.

Since this is an old game, it faces problems on updated systems. Reducing the in-game video settings is a good fix for when Dragon Age Origins keeps crashing.

  • Open the game and select ‘Options.’
  • Head to the ‘Video’ tab.
  • Look below the ‘Details’ sections.
  • Here, configure ‘Anti-Aliasing’ ‘Graphics detail’ and ‘Texture detail’ to their lowest value.
  • Turn off the ‘Same-buffer effects’ option by unchecking it.
  • Now access the game and see if it still crashes.

Updated faulty graphics driver

A faulty or outdated graphics driver often makes the game crash. Here are the pointers to update it.

  • Navigate to the ‘Device Manager’ section.
  • Choose it.
  • Now, expand the ‘Display Adapters’ section.
  • Now, right-tap ‘Graphics Driver.’
  • Choose to update it.

Employ DirectX version 9

Using the DirectX 9 version can also fix the issue of Dragon Age Inquisition won’t launch 2018 Steam.

  • Launch the Steam app.
  • Go to its library.
  • Right-tap on ‘Dragon Age Origins.’
  • Choose the ‘Properties’ option.
  • Input ‘-dx9.’
  • This will prevent the crashing problem.

Run the game in compatibility mode

Since Dragon Age Origins is an old game, issues in running it are common. You can use the compatibility mode to run it.

  • Right-tap on the Dragon Age Origins file.
  • Navigate to its ‘Properties.’
  • Hit the ‘Compatibility’ tab.
  • Place a check on it.
  • Apply these settings and save them.
  • Find if the game is still crashing.

Verify the integrity of the game files

Confirming the integrity of game files is crucial to playing the game properly. If the files are corrupt, re-download them after verifying their integrity.

  • Open Steam and head to ‘Library.’
  • Now, right-tap on ‘Dragon Age Origins.’
  • Choose ‘Properties.’
  • Go to the left pane.
  • Choose ‘Local files.’
  • Now, tap ‘Verify the integrity of game files.’

Final Thoughts

The Dragon Age Origins is a captivating game due to its plot, setting, and characters. But you won’t be able to enjoy it if it keeps crashing or won’t launch Steam. These fixes will help prevent game errors, such as crashing because of a memory leak.

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