Is Elden Ring Controller Not Working? 7 Ways to Repair It

You were just about to repair the Elden Ring and become Elen Lord. But is your Elden Ring controller not working? I can understand it can be frustrating, especially when you are about to win.

But are you going to give up; or fix your Elden Controller and continue to win? Of course, you’re going to fix the controller. Don’t worry about “How”!! I am here for that.

I’ll walk you through 7 great fixes to help you get your controller to work again. And then what? Finally, your dream to become the Elden Lord will come true.

Key Factors To Consider:

  • Elden Ring is one of the most popular games of today’s times, and thus small technical errors might occur.
  • Due to other devices’ interference, your Elden Ring controller might not work.
  • There are various ways of taking care of this problem. These include uninstalling the Vjoy software, turning off your bluetooth, and unplugging your keyboard and mouse.
  • The Elden Ring controller can be fixed by trying small hacks and tricks, so don’t worry about this problem.

Try These 7 Fixes If You See Your Elden Ring Controller Not Working

Elden Ring was released in 2022 and became an instant hit. A game directed by Miyazaki Hidetaka and Worldbuilding done by none other than George R. R. Martin sold more than 13 million copies within a month.

However, despite the big names associated with it, the Elden Ring, too, has its problems. For example, players have often complained that the Elden Ring controller often stops working.

So, how do you fix it? I’ll tell you how; don’t stop reading!

1. The vJoy Software Must Go

If you find your Elden ring not working on your PC, the first fix that you can try is uninstalling your vJoy software. A vJoy software lets you install virtual joysticks on your pc.

Therefore, players don’t need a physical joystick to play your game. However, a vJoy controller will intervene with your controller’s function. And thus, it’s better to uninstall your vJoy software.

Now to uninstall the vJoy software, you must:

  1. First, go to the Start option of your PC and open the “Run” dialogue box. Once it’s open, type ‘cpl’ and select the “OK” option.
  2. Once the ‘cpl’ option is open, find the vJoy Device Driver and click right on it.
  3. A series of options will pop up from which you must select the Uninstall button to let go of the vJoy.

2. Did You Try Disabling the Steam Overlay?

An enabled Steam Overlay can help you access your game’s Steam feature without the need to open your launcher. But the Steam Overlay feature can slow down your game and cause the Steam Elden Ring controller not to work anymore.

So, here are the ways to disable the Steam Overlay:

  1. Open your game and go to Steam, followed by Settings, then select the In-Game
  2. Next, go to the General section of the game, and choose the “Use Desktop Game SteamVR Service” option.
  3. Next, check if your controller starts working, then you can start playing.

3. Let Your Keyboard and Mouse Rest A Bit

At times players play Elden Ring using the keyboard and mouse instead of a mouse. However, that might hinder your controller from working.

Hence, it’s better to disconnect the keyboard and mouse when you start using your game controller. I’m sure it will make your controller start working again.

4. Did You Configure the Controller Correctly?

At times, if the gaming controller is not configured correctly, it might not work while playing the game.

Therefore, configuring the controller can help it start working again.

  1. First, go to the “Steam” option next, “Settings,” after that, the “Controller” option and finally, select the “General Controller Settings.”
  2. Then, click the controller you want to use while playing your game.
  3. Now, re-launch your game and see if your controller starts working again.

5. Only One Controller Must Run

If more than one controller works on your PC, your primary game controller won’t be working. With two controllers working simultaneously, your PC might get confused and cause the Elden Ring controller to stop unexpectedly. So, it would be best to close the secondary controller and try using your Elden Ring controller.

6. Have You Tried Modifying the Settings Steam Input Per-Game?

Steam Input Per-Game settings help you to tweak the controller application layout and make various other changes inside it. So, it’s better to configure it to your choices and preference:

  1. First, you have to open Steam.
  2. Next, you first need to go to the View option, then to the Big Picture Mode, followed by the Library section, to your Games option, then open the Elden Ring and then to Manage Games and finally to the “From Steam Input” option.
  3. Once inside the “From Steam Input” section, choose “Controller Options.”
  4. Finally, force the “Steam Input Per-Game Setting” and configure your Steam. I’m sure your controller will start working again.

7. Why Don’t You Just Turn Off The Bluetooth?

Finally, the last option to make your Elden Ring controller work is by disconnecting your bluetooth devices from your computer. To disconnect your bluetooth devices, right-click on your desktop screen and go to the computer Settings.

Once you’re inside the Settings section, locate the Bluetooth option from the left corner of the screen. And once you’re inside the Bluetooth section, disconnect all the bluetooth devices and try playing the game.

Concluding Words

After you try these fixes, your game errors will be a myth for you. So, first, fix your controller. And then you can again get lost and mesmerized in the fantasy marvel created by George R. R. Martin and Miyazaki Hidetaka.

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  • Will Disabling My Steam Overlay Make My Controller Work?

    Yes, there are high chances of your controller working if you disable your system’s Steam Overlay. So, follow the steps above, disable your steam overlay effectively and see if it fixes your controller.

  • Can I Turn Off the Bluetooth to Make My Controller Work?

    Yes, turning off your Bluetooth is a great way of making your controller work. This trick often works and helps players to make their controller work. So, while you’re at it, try this fix, and don’t let these small obstacles get between you and your gaming experience.

  • Why Do I Have to Turn Off My Vjoy Software?

    Turning off your Vjoy software is the most effective way of making your game controller work. So, this is the first step to take and see if you can continue playing your game. However, if this hack doesn’t work, try other hacks to take care of the problem.

  • Can I Ever Become the Elden Lord?

    Yes, it’s possible to become the Elden Lord. However, if your gaming console doesn’t work smoothly, you can’t play your game seamlessly. So, please ensure your gaming console and controller are working so that you can make your dream of becoming Elden Lord come true.

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