Find Out All Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum Locations

Elden Ring has various exciting creatures. One of them that has attracted gamers is the Walking Mausoleum. Every Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum can duplicate a single Remembrance in one playthrough. Players generally hear them before seeing them, as the ringing of the bell is an indicator that you’ve come across one creature.

Walking Mausoleums genuinely reflect their name. They are huge stone buildings standing on four legs. There are chiefly seven mausoleums in the Elden Ring game. Through their aid, you can easily get the armor and weapons you desire. However, a burning question in the minds of many is about their locations.

Let us find out about them.

What Are Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum Locations?

There are two kinds of mausoleums in the Elden Ring game. These are those with bells and those without them. The bell-bearing mausoleums are simpler to locate. This is due to their screeching bell sound that keeps ringing till the player brings it down.

Other such bell-bearing mausoleums have stomping grounds in the open areas. Many players visit these open areas and so can easily find them.

However, many other walking mausoleums are not as easy to find as the bell-bearing ones. They are situated in very remote areas. Go through the locations of different bell-bearing Elden Ring mausoleums.

1.   Weeping Peninsula

This is the first Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum. Players need to go to the south of Limgrave to this mausoleum. When you cross the Bridge of Sacrifice, you can find it.

This walking mausoleum lies in the western part of the peninsula. The closest Grace of this mausoleum is the Isolated Merchant’s Shack near the western shore. But to gain access to it, you will need to bash off the skull barnacles on the mausoleum’s legs.

2.   Liurnia of the Lakes

This mausoleum is there outside the Raya Lucria Crystal Tunnel. Follow the eastern cliff to locate this mausoleum. On reaching it, use the nearby spirit spring to leap on to this mausoleum.

Destroy the skulls on its top with a bow so that the walking mausoleum comes to its knees.

3.   Mountaintop of the Giants

This mausoleum is there at a very loud site of Grace in Elden Ring. It storms next to the Castle Sol Main Gate Grace. It stops walking late at night for around 8 minutes.

4.   Consecrated Snowfield

This mausoleum is next to the Apostate Derelict Grace and northwest of Ordina. It doesn’t stop its movement at night. But the mausoleum will not attack when you arrive inside the walls of the Apostate Derelict Church.

5.   Deeproot Depths

This last bell-bearing walking mausoleum is located in the Deeproot Depths at the end of it. It storms near the back of a waterfall.

Go into the waterfall with a small fallen tree, and you will find the mausoleum. If the players come to the boss region without finding the mausoleum, they can face the arena and look to their left to find this mausoleum.

There are two Walking Mausoleums in Elden Ring game. These two don’t have bells. The Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum locations both is one and the same.

This Liurnia of the Lakes houses both these mausoleums without bells. You can find one of the mausoleums without a bell south of the Grace. The other one is present north of Grace. You can bring both these mausoleums down by just destroying the skulls on their legs.

The Method to Beat Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum with No Barnacles

There are Walking Mausoleums without any barnacles. It can be a bit difficult for the player to find out how to beat them. But doing so is simple. You only need to destroy the white barnacles present around the Walking Mausoleum’s feet.

To destroy the Liurnia of the Lakes Mausoleum, first find the Spiritspring jump. It is present in the southeast direction of the East Raya Lucaria Gate Grace on the ground. Use it to jump on top of this mausoleum. It is a good idea to duplicate the ShardBearer Boss Remembrances to destroy this mausoleum.

The other mausoleum without barnacles is the Deeproot Depths Mausoleum. It is present underground. To beat this specific mausoleum, go to the Nameless Eternal City Grace in Deeproot Depths. When you find the mausoleum, follow the sound of its footsteps. Doing so will ultimately help you come across this creature.

Now, to beat it, jump on top of it. To do so, climb the roots surrounding it. After that, make a small jump onto the mausoleum’s top.

What to Do If You Find Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum Not Working

Many people complain of the game not working. This can occur because of attempting to use a mausoleum to duplicate one Remembrance two times. If the mausoleum you are at is incompatible with the Remembrance you try to duplicate, then also the mausoleum won’t work.

Other causes include a bug in certain mausoleums or a problem with the mausoleums themselves. This prevents the remembrances to appear in the duplication menu.

If the mausoleum doesn’t work, you cannot duplicate remembrances and get weapons. The mausoleum is the only place that permits players to duplicate remembrances.

Here are some fixes to use when the mausoleum doesn’t work in the game.

1.   Fix the bug impacting the players.

Specific mausoleums like your Castle Sol Mausoleum and the Consecrated Snowfield are affected by a bug. If you use one, you may find that the other one becomes unusable.

If this happens, venture to another mausoleum. A bug also prevents remembrances from displaying in the duplication menu. In this case, just come back to them sometime later after resting at the Site of Grace.

2.   Know about the mausoleums that cannot duplicate remembrances.

You must also be aware of the mausoleums that cannot duplicate certain remembrances because they don’t have belts. Such mausoleums cannot duplicate the remembrance of the Full Moon Queen. They also are not able to duplicate that of the Grafted and of the Omen King. Also, the remembrances of Starscourage, the Blasphemous, the Blood Lord, and of the Rot Goddess simply cannot be duplicated by these particular kinds of mausoleums.

Wrapping up

The Walking Mausoleum has valuable powers that allow you to duplicate remembrances. When you know about the locations of these mausoleums, you can get many Boss Weapons, Incantations, and Spells. If you desire to know more about this game or encounter any game errors, contact an expert online.

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