The Most Effective Fixes for the Fortnite Error Code 93

Fortnite, the battle royale game, is one of the most popular, with a huge base of regular players. Although it gives a great experience, you may encounter technical glitches. The Fortnite error code 93 is a common glitch that various players deal with.

In this error code, they cannot join a party when they attempt to join multiplayer. In simple words, players face the error code 93 in Fortnite on trying to join an existing party. Players using mobile and other mediums for Fortnite face this error. In this guide, you will gain more knowledge about this error. You’ll also find ways to fix it.

What Is Error Code 93 in Fortnite?

Error code 93 in Fortnite prevents the users or players from being a part of any game party. So they cannot play with their friends. When the problem occurs, the players is automatically moved out of the game. The main reason for it is a problem related to servers. Besides them, there are also other causes.

It can also occur due to incorrect skins and private login. Although there’s no concrete method to completely stop the problem from occurring, you can try various solutions.

The Causes That May Lead to the Fortnite Error Code 93

Multiple reasons may lead to error code 93 in Fortnite. The most prominent reasons are as follows.

  • A glitch in inventory skin: If there’s a skin glitch, you will find error code 93. So, changing the skin can help you play Fortnite.
  • A problem with the Epic integration: Xbox One and PlayStation users often find this error when using an invitation to join the game that someone else has hosted on their PC.
  • A bug in the Public party: Sometimes, a glitch in the Public party can lead to error code 93. So, the party leader can modify the settings and change the party from Public to Private.
  • Server issue: A server issue can be behind any Fortnite error, including the error code 93. If this applies to you, wait for the servers to function as before.

How to Fix Error Code 93 in Fortnite

After learning the probable reasons, you may start troubleshooting error 93. The following fixes will help you enter and plays the game like before.

1.   Examine the Fortnite servers.

The first thing you should do is check the status of Fortnite servers. Go to the status page of Epic Games to find out if there is a problem with Fortnite servers. If they are down, wait till the team fixes them.

There may be a problem with the Epic Games technical setup. To check it, go to the Epic Games Public Status page and enlarge the ‘Fortnite’ tab. Here, see if there’s any component of the game that’s facing problems.

2.   Change your skin

If the servers are working fine, but you still notice the Fortnite error code 93, use different skin tones. It is a strange solution to the issue but has helped many players resolve the error.

This fix works because the error code 93 occurs because of a technical glitch with the existing loadout with which you are trying to join the game.

To change the skin, log out of Fortnite and then log into it. Then go to the Locker and choose any other available skin. Now, return to Solo Queue and try to join your friend’s party. This resolution works for both PC, console, and mobile game users.

3.   Switch the party type.

You should also try to not use the party invite phase. Instead, use the public lobby. But sometimes, changing the party type to private before you invite your friends can also fix this error.

As mentioned before, only the party leader can make these changes. You should tell them that you are dealing with Fortnite error code 93, and so they should change the lobby status.

Follow these instructions if you are the party leader.

  • Head to the main dashboard of Fortnite.
  • On the top-left screen, you will see the party icon. Click it.
  • Now, tap the gear icon linked to your account.
  • You can now modify the privacy of the party.
  • Adjust it from Public to Private.
  • Save the changes and invite your friends.
  • You will not find them complaining of the error code 93, as this fix helps you bypass the bug.

4.   Add friends to the Epic Games Friends List on the launcher

Another workable solution for error 93 in Fortnite is to add or make your friends join via the Epic Games friend list. It is better than just having them on the Fortnite Friends List.

You can add your friends by their email IDs or Epic Games usernames. When they come to this list, join the lobby again. Use these steps to implement this measure.

  • Open the Epic Games launcher.
  • Now, start Fortnite.
  • Head over to your friends list in the game client.
  • Now, tap to add your friend.
  • Input the names of your friends and hit ‘Add.’
  • When your friend accepts the request, you can enter the lobby in Fortnite.
  • Xbox users should use their friend’s Xbox Gamer tag to add their friends.

5.   Restart the game or router.

If you’ve implemented all the fixes above but still deal with error code 93 in Fortnite, restart the game. It is a very simple fix that has helped many players. Restarting is particularly good if you are encountering connectivity issues. So, open the game again on your respective devices like PlayStation and Xbox One. In case of an unstable internet connection, restart your router.

Turn it off for half a minute and then switch it back on. If you are playing Fortnite on a PC or phone, reconnect to the internet. You need an internet speed of at least 3mbps or more to play this game.

Concluding Words

Try the different fixes listed above and see which one resolves error code 93 in Fortnite. All the measures are extremely simple to follow. But if the error does not resolve, just wait till Epic Games comes with a patch. Use the patch to fix game errors like error 93 in Fortnite.

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