Best Fixes for the Fortnite Matchmaking Error

Fortnite matches are highly addictive, but matchmaking errors can ruin the experience. Fortnite servers work non-stop so the players can have a smooth gaming experience. Still, the Fortnite matchmaking error can arise.

There are chiefly matchmaking error #1 and matchmaking error #3. They prevent gamers from joining the action after a matchmaking time.

A common fix that most users try is restarting their system. However, it may not always resolve the errors. Let’s find out more about the causes behind matchmaking errors in Fortnite and how to fix them.

The Reasons for Fortnite Matchmaking Errors

We have described the causes for both errors #1 and #3 in Fortnite.

Causes for Matchmaking Error #1 in Fortnite

  1. A bug is preventing you from playing a ranked match after a custom game.
  2. Every player in your party has set their status to Unready.
  3. The existing matchmaking region needs to be changed.
  4. Poor internet connection.
  5. Developer options are turned on
  6. Rooted device
  7. Server failure

Causes for Matchmaking Error #3 in Fortnite

  1. Your device is not connected to a good wired connection.
  2. The Fortnite game is not up-to-date.
  3. You have selected a server that is not close to your location.
  4. A glitch with the Fortnite game.
  5. VPN is causing matchmaking issues.
  6. Inaccurate date and time settings
  7. Developer options are turned on
  8. Corrupt game files

How to Fix Fortnite Matchmaking Error?

The Fortnite Matchmaking error #1 is primarily a result of the inability to connect with the matchmaking services. Use these fixes to resolve it.

1.   Restart Fortnite

To restart Fortnite on your PlayStation, follow these pointers.

  1. Press the PS controller.
  2. Now, place the game over the Game Framework.
  3. Press the Options
  4. Now, use the controller
  5. Input ‘close the app’ and hit OK.
  6. If this doesn’t work, hold down the PS button controller.
  7. Now, choose Close the app.
  8. On a PC, restart Fortnite by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
  9. Tap the Activity Management
  10. Choose Fortnite and hit End of activity.
  11. If you are using a Mac OS to play Fortnite, force close the game.
  12. After that, open the game on your device.

2. Ensure that the status of your friends is Ready

This error frequently appears when you are playing with your friends, and they have set their status to Unready. So, checking with your party leader about everyone’s status is key. To fix the issue of Fortnite Matchmaking error 1, ensure that the status is set to Ready. Once that is done, start the game and see if it works properly.

3. Use Fortnite after a few minutes

Fortnite servers experience overcrowding during special days and holidays. If you try playing during these times, you will likely encounter matchmaking errors. It’s because the servers don’t work as effectively.

So, avoid playing the game during these days. Log into the game when there’s no festival or any special event. Likely, you will not face any errors.

4. Turn off USB debugging

Epic does not allow Developer Options to be turned on when playing the game. So ensure that these options are not tuned on your Android device. To turn off Developer Options, head to the Settings of your device. Find Developer Options and slide them to OFF.

5. Check whether you have a rooted device

Matchmaking issues, such as being unable to matchmake on an Android device, can arise if your device is rooted. Are you getting a message about your device being rooted or failing the SafetyNet check?

If this is the case, you cannot play Fortnite on your device. Many players with a rooted device have tried to bypass this check. But it’s not a good idea as it won’t help you in any way.

On the contrary, the more you attempt to bypass this check, the more is the likelihood of your account getting banned.

How to Fix Fortnite Matchmaking Error?

If you are facing the Fortnite Matchmaking error #3, use these fixes.

1.   Change the Matchmaking Region

Fortnite Matchmaking errors can also be resolved by changing the region settings.

  1. Navigate to the Settings of the game.
  2. Click the Settings option once again.
  3. Find the Game option, which is the third one from the left side of the bar.
  4. Tap it and navigate to the Matchmaking Region. It is under the Language and Region
  5. Move the region by one to the left.
  6. After this change, hit the Apply
  7. Return to the matchmaking region and choose the original server.
  8. Press Apply to confirm these changes.
  9. Now, play Fortnite Lego again.

2. Check if the game files are correct

Another way to fix the issue of Fortnite matchmaking error #3 is to check if the game files are corrupt.

  1. Launch the Epics game launcher.
  2. Tap the Library
  3. Hit the three dots above Fortnite.
  4. Select Manage.
  5. Now, tap Verify.
  6. The corrupt game files will be repaired.
  7. After that, restart Fortnite.

3. Ensure that Fortnite is updated

You can also check whether your Fortnite has the latest updates. Go to the App Store and check if there is a new patch for the game. If yes, install the latest version and then restart the game.

4. Turn off VPN

Are you using VPN while playing Fortnite? It can be the cause of the Matchmaking # 3 error. So, disable it to prevent matchmaking issues. After disabling the VPN, connect to a more local server.

5. Reinstall Fortnite

If the fixes above have not worked so far, try reinstalling the game. Simply uninstall Fortnite on your Xbox or PC. After that, download it from the official website.

6. Set the correct date and time settings

Sometimes, the date and time settings of PCs get misconfigured. So, to fix the issue of Fortnite matchmaking error, configure the date and time settings correctly.

  1. Open Settings by pressing the Windows and I keys.
  2. Go to Time & Language followed by Date & Time.
  3. Turn on Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically.

Final Thoughts

Fortnite Matchmaking errors are very common. However, you can do them by implementing the resolutions above. They address all the causes of the errors. If you still face game errors like these, contact official support.

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