Ultimate Troubleshooting for League of Legends Not Opening

Have you just double-clicked on the League of Legends client and are waiting for the game to open? If it isn’t starting, or the window goes blank, it is a sign that you are facing a problem with the game’s launcher. Many players complain about League of Legends not opening. This prevents them from enjoying thrilling game play.

The problem with Riot’s League of Legends not launching can be caused because of many factors. Your device may not support the game, not have the needed hardware, or some files are interfering with its processing. You can fix it by various techniques, provided you follow them correctly.

We will describe these fixes comprehensively in this article.

Solutions for League of Legends Not Opening After Launch on Windows

It can be frustrating to open League of Legends and not be able to play it. Here are several measures to fix it.

1. Check different aspects related to the game

Start by checking and modifying the following:

  • Try opening LoL as an administrator. Right-tap on the LoL’s file and choose ‘Run as administrator.’
  • Make another game account and use it to sign in – If the game loads without interruption, it implies an error with your previous account.
  • If you’ve changed the game files or made any unauthorized modifications, disable them.
  • Perform a graphics driver update. Open ‘Device Manager’ and right-click your graphics card below ‘Display Adaptors.’ Right-tap it and choose to update it. 

2. Examine the Windows firewall

The Windows firewall can create problems when it blacklists certain apps. It is likely that your firewall has blacklisted League of Legends.

  • Open firewall and network protection on your system.
  • Select to allow an application through the firewall.
  • Whitelist League of Legends executables.

3. Close conflicting applications

If various applications are running, they can conflict with the game’s software. Many users who reported League of Legends not opening in 2016 found this fix to be an effective one.

  • Launch the Windows Run box.
  • Input ‘taskmgr.’
  • After pressing Enter, the ‘Processes’ tab will open.
  • Right-tap the interfering applications and choose ‘End Task.’
  • Now, open the game and check if it launches.

4. Shift the LoL directory folder to another one.

Shifting the game’s directory folder to another one can be accomplished easily. These points will help you.

  • Find the location of the folder.
  • Alternatively, launch the File Manager and access Local Disk C:, and the game will open.
  • Now copy the folder’s contents to a different folder.
  • From this folder, make a LeagueClient.exe shortcut.
  • After making it, open the game and check for the error.

5. Erase logs and Config folders.

Problems with LoL have surfaced many times recently. When there were complaints of League of Legends not opening in 2018, we found that deleting logs and Config folders resolved the issue.

  • In File Explorer, go to the installation folder of the game.
  • Locate the ‘Configs’ and ‘Logs’ folders.
  • Right-tap them and choose ‘Delete.’

6. Examine if your PC meets minimum requirements

A hardware limitation that causes League of Legends not opening is the PC not meeting game requirements. The computer hardware should satisfy these prerequisites so you can launch the game.

  • Your CPU must be either AMD A6-3650 or Intel Core i3-530.
  • NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT or Intel HD 4600 Integrated Graphics should be the GPU.
  • 1 GB VRAM is necessary.
  • There must be 6GB HDD of storage space.
  • Operating systems should be Windows 7, 8, or 10.
  • 2GB RAM

7. Reinstall the game

Sometimes, just reinstalling LoL can also make it open after launch. You may first try manually opening the game by heading to the LoL folder in local disk C: If it doesn’t work, reinstall it as follows.

  • Bring the Run box on your Windows system.
  • Enter ‘appwiz.cpl.’
  • Find LoL and right-tap it to uninstall.
  • Now, go to the installation folder and remove its files.
  • Navigate to and use the prompts on your screen will help you reinstall the LoL game.

Troubleshoot League of Legends Not Opening on Mac

Here is a compiled sequence of fixes for when you cannot launch LoL on Mac.

1. Start the RiotMacContainer again.

If you find League of Legends not opening on Mac, restart the RiotMacContainer.

  • In Finder, access the ‘Applications’ section.
  • Choose ‘League of Legends.’
  • Now, right-tap ‘Show package contents’ option.
  • Tap ‘Contents’ followed by ‘macOS.’
  • Now, choose the ‘RiotMacContainer’ option.
  • Exit the application.
  • Finally, launch it and see if you can play the game.

2. Modify DNS settings

Locate and change DNS server settings to resolve the problem with the game’s launch.

  • From the Apple icon, move to ‘System Preferences.’
  • Choose ‘Network’ followed by ‘Advanced.’
  • Tap ‘DNS.’
  • Choose ‘Locate DNS servers.’
  • Tap the ‘+’ icon and input and
  • Now start your Mac system again and run the game.

3. Erase the Logfile

This is the ideal fix for those who are unable to fix the issue on Mac with the help of the above solutions.

  • In Finder, move to ‘Applications.’
  • Right-tap ‘League of Legends.’
  • Now tap ‘Show package contents’ followed by ‘LOL.’
  • Find ‘Logfile’ and delete it.
  • Now tap ‘LeagueClient’ in the folder where you erased the Logfile.
  • Open the client.
  • You will see logfile appearing again but you won’t find problems with opening the game.

Additional Tips to Resolve League of Legends Not Opening on Windows and Mac

Apart from following the techniques given above, you can also use these simple tips to fix issues with opening LoL. If these simple techniques work, you don’t need to follow elaborate measures.

  • Check if you have a consistent internet connection. LoL is an online game and cannot run in weak signal strength.
  • Check if there is a sudden server outage. Sometimes, the servers malfunction, and you lose the ability to engage in the game.
  • The recommended CPU requirement is Intel Core i5-3300, while VRAM and RAM needs are 2 GB and 4 GB, respectively.
  • LoL tends not to start with corrupted system files. So, open the game client and use its troubleshooting section in settings to initiate a complete repair.
  • Update your Windows and Mac OS.

Wrapping up

Frustration may creep in upon finding League of Legends not opening. You can use multiple fixes described above and enjoy the game again. Be patient when the game doesn’t launch. After implementing the above techniques carefully, you’ll be able to start playing it.

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