[FIXED!] Overwatch 2 Keeps Crashing On PC & Xbox

Overwatch 2 was a highly anticipated game. However, performance issues have made playing the game a source of frustration. Players everywhere have a single complaint: Overwatch 2 keeps crashing either mid-game or freezing on their PCs and Xboxes.

If you have tried to fix this performance issue in vain, this article is for you. We will explain trusted solutions to get rid of this game crashing and ruining your experience.

Why Does Overwatch 2 Crash Midgame?

Overwatch 2 will crash if the graphics settings are set high, there’s an error with your graphics driver or a file integrity problem. So, if you want to resolve this problem, correct the following reasons:

  1. In-game video settings are high.
  2. Unwanted overlay programs are running on your PC.
  3. Firewall interference
  4. An issue with the game files’ integrity
  5. GPU drivers are not updated

How To Fix Overwatch 2 Season 6 Crashing Problems?

If your Overwatch 2 keeps crashing, first check for a strong connection. After that, use these solutions.

1.   Check for service interruptions

Overwatch 2 will crash or freeze if Blizzard servers are down. So, go to the X or Twitter page of Blizzard CS and find out if the servers are experiencing an issue. If yes, wait for a few hours until they are up and running and re-launch the game.

2.   Check that your PC has the minimum requirements to play Overwatch 2

It is also wise to check if your Windows PC meets the least requirements for executing Overwatch 2 game files. Note these points.

  • Operating System – Windows 10 64-bit, the latest Service Pack
  • Processor – Intel Core i3/ AMD Phenom X3 8650
  • Video – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600 series or AMD Radeon HD 7000 series
  • Memory – 6 to 8 GB RAM
  • Storage – 50 GB
  • Resolution – 1024 x 768 minimum display resolution

3.   Reset video card driver settings

If your video card driver settings are not appropriate, Overwatch 2 may crash or freeze mid-game. Reset the settings as follows:

  • If you use NVIDIA drivers,
  • right-click on your desktop and pick the Nvidia Control Panel.
  • Tap Manage 3D Settings.
  • Now click Restore Defaults.
  • If you use INTEL drivers,
  • right-tap on your desktop and choose Graphics Properties.
  • Next, tap 3D.
  • Tap Restore Defaults.

4.   Scan the integrity of your game files

Overwatch 2 keeps crashing and glitching if the game files are corrupt. So, verify them using these points.

  • Go to your Steam library.
  • Select Overwatch 2 by using the right-click menu.
  • Choose the Properties menu item.
  • Click the Installed Files menu item.
  • Press the Verify integrity of game files

5.   Disable the Firewall for sometime

Certain antivirus programs, such as Windows Defender, have a history of interfering with certain games. Basically, Overwatch 2 interferes with the operating system’s security. So the game stops working, and you need to close it.

It will be best to disable the antivirus for some time and then check if Overwatch 2 keeps crashing. Add the Overwatch game to the list of exceptions if you use AVG Antivirus or Norton. Whitelist the game directory if you use the McAfee security program. If you use Windows Defender Firewall, add the game to the list of trusted sources.

6.   Lower the game’s graphics settings

Still complaining that Overwatch 2 keeps crashing on PC? Lower the graphics settings and play it again.

  • Start the Overwatch 2 game.
  • Hit the ESC Menu icon.
  • Choose Options.
  • Select Graphics Quality to modify the graphics settings in Overwatch 2.
  • Shut down and restart Overwatch 2.

7.   Update graphics drivers

Corrupt graphics drivers cause glitches Overwatch 2. Update the drivers to fix performance issues like crashing.

  • Go to Device Manager and double-tap Display adapters.
  • Uninstall your graphics driver.
  • Download the most recent drivers from the official site.

8.   Close every background application

Third-party programs in the background often come into conflict with games like Overwatch 2. Follow the steps below to disable these programs temporarily. If Overwatch 2 keeps crashing on your PC, this fix will help you out.

  • To get to the Task Manager, hit Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys
  • Go to More Details.
  • Click the Startup tab.
  • For every item, do a right-click and choose Disable.
  • Restart your PC or device.

9.   Reset your in-game settings

Overwatch 2 crashes when its settings conflict with your graphics card. When you reset the settings of your game, it will cease to crash.

  • Launch the Desktop application.
  • Click the cogwheel beside the Play button.
  • Next, select Game Settings.
  • Locate Overwatch 2 and click Reset In-Game Options.
  • Tap Reset followed by Done.
  • Try playing the game. Check if it is crashing.

10.  Turn off CPU overclocking

Sometimes, overclocking CPU leads to issues like overheating and crashing. This is another cause for Overwatch 2 performance issues.

All of the initial adjustments you made to your system settings must be undone in order to prevent a CPU from overclocking. Entering your computer’s BIOS menu. It is the same menu you use to overclock your CPU. Once there, make all the settings back to default.

Fixes For Overwatch 2 Crashing On Xbox

If Overwatch 2 is crashing on Xbox, use these solutions.

  • Install the most recent patch. Known causes of crashes will undoubtedly be addressed in Overwatch 2 game updates. The updates enhance stability.
  • Verify the console’s temperature. Applications on a PlayStation or Xbox can shut down automatically to prevent the system from becoming dangerously hot.
  • Restart Xbox: Take out your Xbox’s power cord and re-plug it. Click the Xbox button to start your computer.
  • To detect any problems with your Firewall, router, or port configuration, check your network configuration. To make sure your router hasn’t been overloaded with data, reset your network devices.

Concluding Words

When Overwatch 2 crashes, lower the in-game settings, update the graphics card driver, disable the Firewall, and close background applications. Use this article as a guide to fix game errors like this. If you encounter an issue, contact the support team.

  • Why is my Overwatch 2 showing black screen?

    Update your drivers and operating system if Overwatch 2 is showing black screen. Programs with an overlay cause Overwatch 2 to crash or show black screen if they are not updated.

  • How do I fix screen tearing in Overwatch 2?

    Enable Vsync technology to fix screen tearing in Overwatch 2. Go to NVDIA Control Panel and find the option to manage 3D settings. Now enable Vertical Sync.

  • How do I stop Overwatch from overheating?

    Configure the game components to factory defaults. Ensure that there is no build-up of heat inside your PC or laptop. Also, play in a cool environment.

  • Why is Overwatch using 90% of my CPU?

    If Overwatch uses a lot of CPU, it means that many applications are running in the background. An overclocked hardware and insufficient RAM are other reasons.

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