[RESOLVED] Roblox Keeps Crashing on Windows, Phone, and iPad

Roblox, the feature-rich gaming platform, has garnered much popularity recently. But many users are complaining about a specific issue with it. It has become common to find that Roblox keeps crashing, disconnecting, or freezing. This locks the user out of the game, and you cannot enjoy what the developers have to offer.

The platform becomes unplayable, which is indeed frustrating. Usually, the tech team of Roblox fixes any sort of problem with the platform. But it’s always wise to learn about troubleshooting measures you can employ yourself.

We have listed the most reliable solutions to fix this issue of Roblox crashing in this article.

Why Does Roblox Keeps Crashing on Your PC and Mobile?

If you find Roblox crashing on Windows 11, iPad, or mobile, these are the reasons responsible for it.

  • Your graphics driver is not updated.
  • Internet connectivity problems
  • Interruption by a third-party app or program.
  • A large number of unnecessary background applications are operating.
  • You haven’t updated your OS.
  • Too much cache on your web browser.
  • Damaged system files

Fix Roblox Keeps Crashing on Mobile, Windows, and Your iPad

The solutions listed here will assist you to fix the crashing Roblox platform. You can get on the platform and play uninterrupted.

1.   Get a graphics driver update.

A faulty or old graphics driver causes Roblox to freeze or crash. So, updating the driver will help you eliminate the problem.

  • Access the ‘Drivers’ section in a GPU application.
  • Locate the drivers by tapping ‘Check for updates.’
  • If you find an update, install it.
  • After that, open Roblox again.
  • See whether it still crashes.

2.   Exit unnecessary programs on Windows 11

If you complain of Roblox crashing on Windows 11, closing unnecessary programs in the background can help. These programs take up system resources, hindering Roblox from operating properly. Shut them down using this process.

  • Right-tap on your taskbar and access the ‘Task Manager’ option.
  • Now right-click on every unnecessary application and tap ‘End Task.’
  • It will close these apps.
  • Only close applications that you are sure of. Doing so can negatively impact the system’s working.
  • Lastly, access Roblox again. It should not freeze or crash this time.

NOTE: In order to close the background apps on your phone, enable developer mode. Navigate to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘About phone.’ Tap ‘Build number’ 8 times. This will switch on the developer mode. On the settings screen, tap ‘Developer Options.’ Head to ‘Running services.’ Tap on the app that’s running, followed by ‘Stop.’

3.   Temporarily disable the security program.

Your game may crash because of security software interference. Firewalls and antivirus programs usually make Roblox unresponsive. By temporarily disabling the antivirus, you can check if this is the cause of Roblox disconnecting.

If you can play your game after turning off the antivirus, whitelist all Roblox-related files. Go through your antivirus documentation to find out how to whitelist specific files.

POINT TO NOTE: After turning off the antivirus, visit only secure sites. If you visit unsafe sites, any virus can get transferred to your system.

4.   Modify the graphics quality.

Do not set the graphics quality very high. It can make Roblox crash on your device. Follow these steps to adjust these settings.

  • On Roblox, tap the ‘Menu’ symbol.
  • Choose ‘Settings.’
  • Set your ‘Graphics Mode’ to ‘Manual.’
  • Push the slider you see beside ‘Graphics Quality’ to the left.
  • This lowered quality will enhance the performance of your games.

5.   Turn off full-screen optimization.

In Windows 11, full-screen optimization optimizes the program that takes up the entire screen. It facilitates the games to run at optimal graphics settings. But full-screen optimization can be incompatible with Roblox as it has its own optimization. So, disable it to fix the crashing issue.

  • Right-tap Roblox and access ‘Properties.’
  • Head to ‘Compatibility.’
  • Here, place a check on ‘Disable full screen optimizations.’
  • Hit ‘Apply’ followed by ‘Okay.’
  • Launch Roblox again.

6.   Perform an SFC scan.

SFC or System File Checker identifies damaged system files. It downloads new files from Microsoft. Carrying out an SFC scan troubleshoots Windows-related problems that cause Roblox to keep crashing.

  • Launch the Run box on your system.
  • Here, input CMD.
  • Now, hold down Ctrl + Shift + Enter to access the Command Prompt.
  • In its window, input ‘sfc/scannow’
  • Hit Enter and start your PC again.

7.   Turn off Discord’s in-game overlay for Roblox.

If you still find that Roblox keeps crashing it means the compatibility issues are arising because of the Discord game overlay. Disable it as follows.

  • Launch Discord and tap ‘User settings.’
  • Select ‘Registered Games’ on the left pane after scrolling down.
  • Now, disable the overlay by tapping the ‘Monitor’ icon.

8.   Restart your phone and relaunch the Roblox app.

If Roblox keeps crashing on iPad and Android mobile devices, restart the device. You can restart your mobile device easily. Just long press the ‘Power’ button and choose ‘Restart.’

To eliminate the glitch further, relaunch the Roblox app on your phone or iPad. A fresh restart will make the app function correctly.

9.   Clear the app cache and data.

Sometimes the cache and data of the Roblox application makes Roblox crash. Clear it using these steps.

  • On your Android phone, head to ‘Settings’ and then to ‘Apps.’
  • Tap ‘Roblox’ followed by ‘Storage.’
  • Now, hit ‘Clear cache’ and ‘Clear data.’
  • Roblox will work perfectly on your phone now.

Concluding Words

Game errors like Roblox crashing can hinder a smooth gaming experience. But there are various fixes for it to run seamlessly on Windows, mobile, and iPad. The fixes are simple to implement when you follow the stepwise instructions. So now there isn’t any need to feel annoyed whenever you find Roblox behaving unexpectedly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why does Roblox crash randomly?

Roblox’s screen randomly crashes if there’s a virus on your system. A bad internet connection can also cause it to crash. Besides that, reinstalling the game can help to fix this issue.

  1. How do I fix Roblox freezing on my Xbox?

If Roblox crashes on Xbox, restart the console by performing a power cycle. You can also delete the corrupted game save files or use a different profile.

  1. Why does Roblox crash whenever I start a game?

A major reason behind this is a corrupt Roblox file in your computer. Reinstall the game to fix this issue. Also, find out whether your system is capable of running the game. Roblox can run only on Windows Vista or higher versions.

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