[RESOLVED!] Script Hook V Critical Error in GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto V, the action-adventure game by Rockstar North, is quite popular. In this game, you need the modding tool Script Hook V to use the modded life. However, recently, many users have started encountering Script Hook V critical error while running the game.

The error occurs when you launch the game and does not go away even when it is offline. GTA 5 is a complex game that demands a lot of resources. So, errors in it are quite common.

But now you won’t feel terrified while encountering this error that comes with the word ‘FATAL.’

Keep reading to learn the main causes and resolutions for this critical game error.

What Is Script Hook V Critical Error?

This error comes with the message reading ‘FATAL: Unknown Game Version.’ Script Hook v is a modding tool that you use to load and execute custom gaming scripts

When this Script Hook V critical error 2019 occurs, it hinders the mod from functioning optimally. As a result, the game crashes or turn unresponsive

The Primary Causes for the Script Hook V Critical Error

Essentially, this error is caused by the Anti-Cheat system. The developers don’t support the script hook app for modding in GTA 5. So the application is detected as a cheat. It gets patched whenever the game is updated

Often, the error comes with the message. Can’t find native specification. If you see this error message, it is important to reinstall the game.

What is the role of Script Hook V?

Script Hook V is a library. This library allows using GTA V script native functions in custom *.asi plugins. It is important to remember that this doesn’t operate in GTA Online. If you use the multiplayer mode in the game, the script hook will disable custom scripts.

This free video game utility was developed by Alexander Blade. The mod plugin library also comes with the most recent ASI Loader and Native Trainer. Using it, the mods for the Grand Theft Auto V game can operate and interact with each other efficiently.

Troubleshooting the Script Hook V Critical Error?

If you’ve been troubled by the Script Hook V critical error 2017, use these resolutions.

1.   Update the application

When GTA 5 developers patched the Script Hook app, the Script Hook developers released an update. This update acts as a workaround to that patch. So, updating the Script Hook application will help you fix this issue.

  • Begin by downloading the Script Hook application.
  • Now, extract the zip file.
  • Once the files are extracted, open the ‘Bin’ folder in these files.
  • Copy every file inside this folder to the installation folder of GTA 5.
  • You should ensure that your script hook version fully supports the game’s version.
  • The release date should be after the GTA 5 update date.
  • Finish this action by choosing ‘Copy and Replace.’
  • Now your Script Hook application is updated.
  • Run the game once more and see if the problem persists.

2.   Roll back to the prior game version

Sometimes, updating Script Hook doesn’t work. You may not find that the critical error goes away. In that case, roll back to the old game version.

  • If you’re using the Steam version of the game, download the Grand Theft Auto files.
  • If you are on the Rockstar version of the game, download the Grand Theft Auto files for that version.
  • Users of the Epic Games Launcher version should download the Grand Theft Auto files for that version.
  • After the files get downloaded, extract them.
  • Copy the GTAV.exe and the GTAVLauncher.exe files into the games installation folder.
  • You may now overwrite the current files by choosing the ‘Replace the files in the destination’ option.
  • After that, right-tap ‘rpf.’
  • Then choose ‘Copy.’
  • Go to the games installation folder. Her, tap open the ‘Updates’ folder.
  • Paste Update.rpf here.
  • Now choose ‘Replace the files in the Destination.’
  • Now your game has been rolled back to the prior version.
  • The older version of Script Hook will start working now.

POINT TO NOTE – This isn’t a long-term solution primarily because when you open the game launcher, it will attempt to update the game.

3.   Make the game open without scanning for updates

As mentioned above, rolling back the game to its prior version isn’t a long-term fix for the Script Hook V critical error. When you find the game launcher trying to update the game, follow this technique.

  • Head over to
  • From here, download a No Launcher Mod.
  • It will download in a RAR file.
  • Extract this file.
  • Copy the files from the folder where they got extracted.
  • Paste these files into the GTA V installation folder.
  • Now you can launch the game by double-tapping the ‘exeYou will find that the game opens without attempting to get the updates.

When Can You Encounter the Script Hook V Critical Error?

A critical error while launching Grand Theft Auto V can occur in various situations. The primary ones are as follows.

  • The Script Hook V fatal error unknown game version occurs because of the incompatibility between the versions of GTA 5 and Script Hook V.
  • The Script Hook V critical error in Epic Games occurs because or a corrupted cache in the Epic Games launcher.
  • You may also face a critical error after updating any application. It can lead to inconsistencies and malfunctions. This happens when the code has bugs that go undetected.
  • The Rockstar Launcher also frequently gets the critical error. This happens when the library is not updated when the games get an update.
  • You will find the critical error can’t find native occurs because of corrupt files in the game. You must reinstall the game several times to get past the problem.

Summing up

There are three proven approaches to tackle critical error and resume your GTA 5 gaming experience. All of them are safe and effective. Use them, and you will definitely find no issues or errors. You can also connect with an expert online to learn more about different game errors.

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