Resolve The Roblox Error Code 901 Quickly With These Fixes

Roblox is a bustling platform that works on multiple devices. It allows users to engage in exciting multiplayer games. However, the platform, like various others of its kind, also throws up many errors and glitches. A recent issue that players report is the Roblox error code 901.

Error 901 in Roblox renders players incapable of signing into their accounts on the platform. On consoles such as Xbox, it becomes impossible to play the game. But it’s possible to eliminate the error code. Several workarounds have been found by closely examining the issue.

Here we have listed all these workarounds so you can stop the 901 error from interfering with your game.

What Is Error Code 901 in Roblox?

The 901 error code in Roblox shows up when players attempt to get into the platform. It is a server-related error. So, it implies that whenever the problem occurs, you should ensure that Roblox servers are functioning properly.

Players can see this error code on the sign-in screen. The issue seems to be occurring from the backend. That’s why it is termed a server-related error. As such, players should attempt to connect to the game and check whether it fixes this error code

Solutions for Error Code 901 in Roblox

Multiple workarounds exist for players to get past this error code. We have laid all of them in a stepwise format below.

1. Check if your internet connectivity is stable.

A network error like the error code 901 is almost always linked to a bad internet connection. So, you must inspect if your internet connectivity is stable.

Xbox players should press the Xbox button on their controllers and choose ‘Settings.’ After that, hit the ‘Network Settings’ option. You will be able to inspect if your internet connectivity is good. You’ll also be able to check the connection type.

POINT TO NOTE: Try connecting to ethernet for faster and more reliable internet.

2. Check the server status of Roblox.

Sometimes, Roblox servers experience downtime. When this happens, players cannot play any game. But the servers become functional in a few hours.

Whenever you encounter error code 901, head to the official Roblox status page, which is Here you will find issues impacting the players.

If the server status is fine, follow the next troubleshooting technique.

3. Check if your username is according to Roblox guidelines.

According to the official Roblox website, errors like error 910 can occur when users make a new account on their Xbox. While making the account, it is necessary to follow specific guidelines laid out by Roblox. Otherwise, you may encounter this error.

Here are the rules to follow:

  • Never use inappropriate letters or phrases in the username.
  • Refrain from putting any personal data in your username. Some examples include phone numbers, addresses, and your real name.
  • Your username should not be less than three characters. Also, it shouldn’t go above 20 characters.
  • Ensure that you have alphanumeric characters in your username. It means a mix of letters and numbers from 0 to 9.
  • If there is an underscore present in the username, it should be in the middle part. Do not include an underscore at the end or the beginning of your username.

4. Determine if there are updates to install

You may also face error code 901 in Roblox if the game isn’t updated. So, ensure that you have the current release and version of the game.

Access the Xbox store, find Roblox, and see if updates are available. If you play on a computer, go online to the Roblox’s website. See when the last update was released. Now check it with the version you have.

Another way to update Roblox is to open your browser and remove the cache. This will reset your current Roblox version. It forces an update for Roblox.

5. Reinstall Roblox

Sometimes, the main files of Roblox get corrupted. In this case, you will encounter the 901 error. To fix it, reinstall Roblox and log into the game. Follow the procedure laid out below on Xbox.

  • Access the ‘My games & apps’ section on the Xbox.
  • Choose ‘Roblox’ and on the controller, hit the ‘Menu’ button.
  • A pop-up menu will show up.
  • Here, select ‘Manage game and add-ons.’
  • Now hit the ‘Uninstall all’ button when you get a prompt to fully remove Roblox from Xbox.
  • Go to the ‘Ready to install’ area of your library.
  • Alternatively, you can install Roblox through your Microsoft account.

6. Perform an Xbox reboot.

It has been found that an internal glitch with the Xbox console can lead to the appearance of Roblox error code 901. You can resolve the problem by rebooting the console.

  • On your Xbox, hold and press the logo button. Do so for 15 seconds.
  • From the screen, choose the ‘Restart console’ option.
  • This will perform a reboot of the console. You will not face this specific error code again

7. Change your account details on Roblox.

Some users have found that changing their birth date on the Roblox account has fixed the error. It may sound a bit strange, but tweaking this detail is worth trying, as it has helped many players.

Change your birthday and set it to a relatively recent year. You can set it between 2005 and 2010. After doing that, press ‘Confirm.’ Let your new changes be saved. Now, close the Settings area. Usually, you will see a prompt for entering the email address of your parents. Give this information, and then try playing the game again.

8. Factory reset your Xbox.

Many players hesitate to factory reset their console since it removes all installed software. However, if none of the resolutions till now have yielded you a good result, doing this may be the only choice. To factory reset your console

  • Access the Settings app.
  • Now tap the ‘System’ panel.
  • After that, select the option ‘Console Info.’
  • Now, tap ‘Reset console.’
  • You will see a set of guidelines.
  • Follow them to reset your password

Wrapping up

Now that you are quite familiar with all the fixes for the 901-error code in Roblox, start implementing them to eliminate the issue. We have addressed all the possible causes in these resolutions. If you need more guidance to fix Game Errors like these, contact an expert online.

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