7 Effective Ways to Fix the Warzone Dev Error 6635

The Warzone Call of Duty Dev error 6635 is a common occurrence on PC and various gaming consoles like PS5, PS4, AND Xbox. It occurs when you are launching the game or equipping certain skins. The problem is mainly a result of server issues, permission issues, corrupt game files, and bugs in your game. It can also occur after the developers of Warzone develop a patch for the game. Although they do it to support the title, players often face errors when they launch the game.

Interestingly, apart from PCs, Playstations, and Xbox, this problem is not reported on any other device. This post will highlight varied ways you can resolve this game error.

Causes for Warzone Dev Error 6635

The exact causes for this Dev error are not fully known. People usually report it during the loadout selection, while others find it in the middle of matches. The Dev errors like 5573 and 6635 also keep occurring on the same affected accounts. So, even if you change from your PC to PS5 with the same Activision account, you will face it. Some major causes include the following:

  1. Problems with the game servers: Issues with the Activision servers prevent you from launching Call of Duty and trigger error 6635.
  2. Glitches in the game: A recently updated system usually makes players see this error.
  3. Corrupt game files: Sometimes, during game updates, your PC or gaming consoles get interrupted, which corrupts the gaming files.
  4. Wrong game skins: Using Cold War weapons or skins can cause this dev error. So, you must remove the problematic items in your loadout.
  5. Permission issues: It may be that the launcher for opening COD Modern Warfare does not have admin access. It prevents the game files from being modified in case a new update is available. You must run the game in admin mode to fix it.

Fixes for COD Dev Error 6635

From checking the server status of Activision to updating the graphics drivers, there are various fixes for the 6635 Dev error. Understand all of them below.

1.   Examine the server status of Activision

Before moving on to any other fixes, check whether there is any problem with the Activision servers. Go to to find the server status.

Here, you should choose ‘Modern Warfare’ from the menu. Now, see if it displays whether all platforms are online. If this is not the case, there’s a problem with the Activision service. It’s under maintenance or is down. So, wait until the service comes online.

2.   Use admin mode on your PC to play the game

Permission issue is a common cause of the Warzone Dev error 6635. You can fix it using a strict user account policy. Ensure that the Battle.Net launcher has admin access. If this launcher does not have adequate permissions to modify or update the Modern Warfare game files, you will encounter the 6635 error code.

  • Right-tap on the Battle.Net executable and select ‘Properties.’
  • Now, choose the ‘Compatibility’ tab on the Property screen of Battle.Net.
  • Place a tick on the box beside the ‘Run this program as an administrator’ option.
  • Hit ‘Apply’ to save your applied changes.
  • After that, exit the ‘Properties’ window.
  • Now, open Battle.Net.
  • After making these changes, use Battle.Net to open Modern Warfare and start playing the game.

3.   Find out if the loadout has Cold War skins

The next step is to see whether there is any Cold War content in your loadout. It includes skins, guns, and similar content. If you have Cold War weapons with dark matter skins, you will encounter the dev error 6635. If it is so, the error will arise when you open the online game.

Remove the Cold War loadout item and then exit the game. Using the admin access, open it again. If the error does not occur, add these Cold War items incrementally. When you notice the loadout item triggering the issue, stop it at that time.

4.   Restart Warzone and your gaming device

Gaming console and PC users should restart Warzone as well as their systems if they continuously get COD Dev error 6635. It’s likely the error is because of a temporary glitch in your system.

You can restart Warzone or the Blizzard launcher. After that, restart your PC or the gaming console.

  • Tap the ‘Blizzard’ icon at the top-left part.
  • Choose ‘Exit.’
  • Now, restart Warzone.
  • Check whether the error persists.
  • Afterward, restart the PC according to your specific model.
  • Usually, the steps are to tap the ‘Power’ icon and choose ‘Restart.’
  • If you are a console user, hold and press the ‘Power’ button.
  • Turn it off fully.
  • Now, unplug the power cord.
  • After 30 seconds, plug back the cable and hit the ‘Power’ button.

5.   Check the integrity of your PC’s game files

Corrupt game data is largely responsible for this specific error code in Warzone. So, use your Battle.Net launcher to scan the game files and then repair them.

  • From the vertical menu on the left, head to Call of Duty Warzone.
  • Here, tap the item in the gear shape. It is besides ‘Play.’
  • Now, from the menu, choose the ‘Scan and Repair’ option.
  • Begin repairing your game by tapping ‘Begin scan.’
  • Once the repair is complete, start the game again.
  • Check if you still encounter the Warzone Dev error 6635.

6.   Get your graphics driver updated

The graphics drivers in your computer must be compatible with the game. They must also be updated to the latest release so you can enjoy a smooth gaming experience. Check whether your drivers are updated. If not, manually update them on your Windows system with these steps.

  • Hit the R and Windows keys.
  • On the Run box, input ‘devmgmt.msc.’
  • Now, tap ‘OK.’
  • You will be taken to the ‘Device Manager’ screen.
  • Here, enlarge the ‘Display Adapters’ option.
  • Right-tap on your graphics card.
  • Choose the ‘Update driver’ option.
  • Now, place a tap on ‘Search automatically for updated driver software.’
  • If you see an update, install it.
  • But if you don’t find any drivers, right-tap on the graphics card again.
  • Choose ‘Update driver.’
  • After that, tap ‘Browse my computer for driver software.’
  • Now, place a tap on the ‘Let me pick from a list of available drivers’ option.
  • Further, choose the latest driver from the given list and tap ‘Next.’
  • But if you have downloaded the graphics driver earlier, tap ‘Hard disc.’
  • Tap ‘Browse’ to go to the folder where the graphics card has been downloaded.
  • Double-tap its file.
  • To install the new driver, tap ‘Next’ followed by ‘Finish.’
  • Exit all windows and reboot your system.

7.   Reinstall Warzone

If nothing has worked so far, the only option is reinstalling COD Warzone. Use these steps to reinstall the game.

  • On your computer’s keyboard, press Windows and I keys.
  • Now, tap ‘Apps’ in the settings window.
  • Find ‘Call of Duty Warzone’ and tap ‘Uninstall.’
  • Tap the option to uninstall once more and reboot your system.
  • Re-download the game from the official website.
  • Go by the on-screen guidelines to install it again.

Summing up

Now you know all the different fixes to use for resolving the Warzone dev error 6635. Use any of the methods according to what you think is the cause behind this problem. If you want more assistance regarding game errors like these, contact an expert online.

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